Top 50 MMO Blogs That Dominate the Web in 2021

If you’re looking for fun to read MMO blogs that cover MMO from top to bottom, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the Top 50 MMO blogs online.

After spending hours searching online we found hundreds of blogs that cover MMO so we had to chop the numbers down a little. This helped us filter out the “OK” blogs from the best MMO Blogs.

Whether you’re a beginner or a super veteran in the MMO Space, these MMO Blogs give you the knowledge and understanding you need to get the most out of playing MMO games.


Being one of the top MMO websites, MMORPG sets the standards for MMO blogs. This blog has been live for almost 20 years. Founded by Craig McGregor (Currently the CEO), MMORPG has managed to attract some of the best team members in the gaming space. In 2004, Benjamin Krueger (The programmer) jumped on to handle the site’s looks and user experience. And, he has kept the website well lubricated since. Another prominent member is Joseph Bradford (Managing Editor) who handles the content. The website has grown with authority over the years and is one of the trusted sources of MMO news. Very well done to

MMORPG Homepage

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2. MMOs

MMOs is another MMO blog with immense authority in the MMO field. Their goal is to cover reviews on every single MMO game released. That’s a massive goal and so far they’ve managed to achieve it. They release content daily and have many prominent writers on their team. They write extensive reviews on each game (With quality screen grabs) and offer different mediums such as video. The MMOs blog is a good source of MMO information as they write honest reviews based on their experience with the games.

MMOs Homepage

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3. MMO Bomb

MMO bomb is an astounding MMO website that focuses on free-to-play MMO games. In 2008, the MMO bomb started as a small website about MMO games. It was then relaunched in 2011 to become bigger and better and to focus on free-to-play MMO games. Today it is one of the top MMO websites on the internet. With the rise of browser gaming, the MMO bomb is a good source of information when looking for a free game to play. The website consists of members who have several years of experience in video game journalism. A highly recommended MMO blog in 2021.

MMO Bomb Homepage

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4. MMO Games

MMOGames is a well-designed MMO site that focuses on giving readers news, reviews, and guides on MMO games. It started in 2007 and has held its ground among top MMO websites on the internet. They have one key value which is “quality”. From the content they post to the design and user experience of the website, MMOGames has engraved its paws into the MMO space. They keep their content fresh and up to date with current affairs in the MMO industry. In their 14 years of existence, they have made a good name for themselves.

MMO Games Homepage

5. Massively Overpowered

Massively Overpowered quickly gained a reputation in the MMO industry. It has only been live for about 6 years and it is among the elite websites in MMO today. It was previously known as and when massively shut down, massively overpowered came to the rise. Their core values are giving readers entertaining news, streams, and editorials. They may seldomly steer from MMOs to cover other games but their main focus is on MMO games.

Massively Overpowered Homepage

6. MMO Culture

MMO Culture steers more towards the foreign MMO market. This helps balance the scale as there aren’t enough MMO blogs that cover foreign games. It is a great place to uncover games that would otherwise never be known in the western market. MMO Culture is an awesome website and one that most MMO fans would love.

MMO Culture Homepage

7. Blizzard Watch

With Blizzard being one of the leading companies in MMO since the inception of World of Warcraft in 2004. Blizzard Watch became popular for its focus on Blizzard games. They release news on World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch, Diablo, and StarCraft. They have attained an awesome community over the years as they have niched down to attract Blizzard fans. Since its birth in 2015, Blizzard Watch has gained respect from other MMO bloggers across the web and is considered one of the top MMO blogs.

8. MMO Huts

MMO huts focus on giving their readers detailed MMO reviews, screenshots, videos, and resources. There is a slight twist to this website, it only focuses on free-to-play MMO games. The demand for free-to-play MMO games has risen. And, a lot of companies have taken the initiative to make their games free-to-play. The question is what games should one play? That’s what MMO huts helps their readers figure out. If you’re into free-to-play MMO games then this is your number one source for that.

MMO Huts Homepage

9. Growing Up In Azeroth

Growing Up In Azeroth is an excellent world of warcraft blog. Run by a father and daughter (Yotaan and Fussypants), Growing Up In Azeroth focuses on their endeavors in WoW. They write reviews and discuss new features and plenty of other topics related to World of warcraft. This is a great website if your want to steer away from multiple views of World of warcraft and just focus on one view.

10. Nerd Much?

Nerd much? Well, this is a website that focuses on pop culture-related topics. They cover gaming, movies, TV, comics, toys, tech, and all that other nerdy stuff. Bobby Bernstein, a former editor at Den of Geek, Gadget Review, and Heavy started the website in 2015. Nerd much has grown in popularity among MMO enthusiasts. This website is a home for nerds as they offer nerdy topics that keep their readers interested. Highly recommended for MMO enthusiasts and nerds alike.

11. Rage Zone

Rage Zone is a nerd portal that doesn’t only focus on MMOs but everything that would captivate geeks and nerds. The blog has a massive section about MMOs. This is where they share the hottest news in MMO. Give them a visit to learn more.

Rage Zone Homepage

12. Steparu

Steparu is a gaming blog that brings a different dynamic to the MMO blog industry. It only focuses on foreign (Japanese and Korean) MMO games. The blog has been publishing awesome content since 2009. Some of the foreign games it covers include Lost Ark Online, Black Desert, and Wolf Knights Online. The author expresses his/her experiences with the games vividly. And, offers different content mediums to cater to all visitors. He/She has been gaming since the dawn of console gaming. And, having done this for a while he/she gets early access to Betas that hardly anyone else gets. On Steparu you get fresh content on upcoming foreign games before they release. Highly recommended for foreign MMO game enthusiasts.

Steparu Homepage

13. Free MMO Station

Free MMO Station is a blog created and maintained by several members who have experience in video-games journalism. The purpose of this awesome blog is to provide visitors with reviews and guides on free-to-play MMO games. Some of the games they review are guild wars 2 and League of Angels. The unfair advantage they have over most MMO blogs is their background in Video-games journalism. This allows them to keep up with the latest news on the games that they review and, produce high-quality reviews and guides. They also go the extra mile to help readers choose the best free-to-play MMO game.

Free MMO Station Homepage

14. MMO Examiner

MMO Examiner is a gaming blog that focuses on gaming in general. They cover the MMO genre extensively hence the name “MMO Examiner”. The blog is maintained by numerous gamers who are seasonal writers. Their purpose is to give readers accurate information on MMOs and they are always on the ball with quality gaming news. They cover some of the most popular MMO games like World of Warcraft, SWTOR, and many more. Another thing is that they have put immense effort into the look and feel of their website. That shows that they expect the best from themselves.

MMO Examiner Homepage

15. BioBreak

If you’re looking for a highly recommended source in the MMO arena, Bio Break is the blog for you. The main writer and editor, Syp is sought-after and is someone that many MMO bloggers look up to. He is part of the Massively Overpowered team (An MMO blog mentioned earlier) and he is a co-host on the battle bards MMO Podcast. His passion for MMO and writing allows him to be consistent in his posts and he publishes new content regularly. Some of the MMOs he writes about include Anarchy Online, World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, Lord of the Rings Online, and The Secret World to name a few.

BioBreak Homepage

16. Contains Moderate Peril

Contains Moderate Peril is a blog about movies and gaming by Roger Edwards. The author focuses on pop-culture-related topics and at times he shares his thoughts on MMO games. The humor engraved in this blog is endless and the writing is world-class. I consider this one of my favorite blogs to read as it covers amusing topics. He posts new articles regularly which keeps the content relevant to current affairs. This is yet another blog that MMO bloggers vouch for.

Contains Moderate Peril blog

17. The Ancient Gaming Noob

The Ancient Gaming Noob is an awesome MMO blog that focuses on the personal experience of the author. The author has been gaming since 1986, crazy right? He is considered a veteran in the MMO space as he has been playing games for eons. He covers games such as Velheim, EVE Online, and World of Warcraft. The main purpose of this blog is for the author to share his thoughts and doesn’t focus on industry news. It’s a good place to gather one person’s opinions on games as everyone has different views.

The Ancient Gaming Noob Homepage

18. MMO Fallout

MMO Fallout sets itself apart from other blogs by focusing on addressing the community members of the given games. The issue that this blog addresses is helping customers find games that they can rely on for the long haul. The author looks into developer teams, the games community growth and, the plans the companies have for the games. This blog helps noobs in the MMO space pick the best games to get started with. What I love most about MMO Fallout is the posting consistency and the effort the author puts in getting the best media for each post.

MMO Fallout Homepage

19. MMO Byte

MMO Byte focuses on the adventures and thoughts of a couple, Mr. and Mrs. Stix. They are both enthusiastic about gaming (they play pretty much everything together) and Anime. They keep up with current affairs in the gamer-sphere and share their findings regularly. The effort put into the blog shows that they are passionate about MMOs and gaming in general. MMOByte also has a YouTube channel to cater to visitors who prefer video over text.

MMO Byte Homepage

20. Aggronaut

Aggronaut is a gaming blog that focuses on the gaming adventures of the author, Bel. Bel takes this blogging thing seriously and keeps his content fresh. His day job is leading a team of developers and when he is not at work, he is playing video games and keeping his audience in the loop. Over the years the blog has expanded from being a WoW focused blog to a general MMO blog. He covers MMOs like Valheim and Final Fantasy XIV. Visit his blog to learn more.

Aggronaut Homepage

21. Keen And Graev

What started as a hobby blog created by two brothers (Keen and Graev) turned out to attract a bigger audience than they had anticipated. Keen and Graev is a blog focused on the brother’s opinions on games (PC and Console). They share their adventures in MMO games such as World of Warcraft. The blog brings a unique approach as it focuses mainly on their experiences. They cover the latest news on the games they show interest in and their thoughts on gameplay and general gaming news. This is a fun read for those interested in World of Warcraft primarily.

Keen And Graev Homepage

22. Taugrim is a blog run by an expert in the software development industry, Taugrim. He is a big fan of MMORPGs and started publishing gaming guides back in 2005. His blog features a blend of written guides and video guides to cater to all visitors. In 2009 he started the Taugrim blog so he could easily manage his written guides and video guides in one place. Along with him are two other writers that are enthusiastic about MMOs and video games in general. If you seek high-quality practical guides for any given MMO has you covered.

Taugrim Homepage

23. Nerdy Bookahs

Nerdy Bookahs is a blog run by two awesome nerds Paeroka and bookahnerk. It started in 2011 and has stood strong since then. The main author is Paeroka who is enthusiastic about playing massively multiplayer online games. Her main MMO games are WoW Classic, The Lord of the Rings Online, and Elder Scrolls Online. After running the blog for so many years they have attained a unique style of sharing their thoughts with readers. Nerdy bookahs is regularly updated with fresh content meaning that you’ll always have something to look forward to.

Nerdy Bookahs Homepage

24. MMO Bits

MMO Bits started as a hobby blog for the love of Star Wars: The Old Republic. Rachel (The Owner) started her MMO journey playing SWTOR and, has ventured out to playing Elder Scrolls Online and WildStar. She uses her blog to write about her adventures playing MMOs. She is also the developer of the stunning website that has grown in the MMO space over time. She writes awesome guides about the games she plays. MMO Bits is one of the blogs out there that put a little extra work into the presentation. Awesome work from Rachel.

MMO Bits Homepage

25. MMO Bro

MMO Bro began in 2016 and has been going strong since. The purpose of this blog is to provide readers with brief quality reviews. They take this approach to entice you to get excited about playing the game instead of reading lengthy reviews that take forever to get through. While only one person (Chris) keeps things up to par with the blog, they occasionally hire freelance writers. This keeps the website fresh and up to date with the latest news in MMO games. This is one of the rather fun blogs to read as they put effort into detailing the reviews.

MMO Bro Homepage

26. Aywren Sojourner

Aywren Sojourner is a personal blog run by a lady named Aywren AKA “Wren”. She has a degree in professional writing and has been writing for many years. Her blog covers MMOs such as Black Desert Online & Final Fantasy XIV. The most enticing piece of information about Aywren is that she has written blog posts for some of the bigger MMO blogs such as MMORPG. This gives her some authority in the MMO space. Her writing is captivating and she is brilliant at conveying her gaming adventures to her audience.

Aywren Sojourner Homepage

27. Ect MMO

ECTMMO is an awe-inspiring MMO blog kept alive by Kaozz. She has been into MMOs since 2001 so one could say that she knows her stuff. ECTMMO features many popular MMO games such as Guild Wars 2, Ever Quest II, and World of Warcraft. For someone who has been into MMOs for 2 decades, her posts prove that she is an expert in the space. Many other MMO bloggers recognize ECTMMO as one of the top blogs in the MMO world. Visit ECTMMO and geek out with Kaozz.

ECT MMO Homepage

28. Land Of Odd

Previously known as Oddcraft, Land of Odd has been in existence since 2011. It originally focused on War of Warcraft endeavors and in recent years it has branched out to other MMOs. Some of these MMOs include Star Wars: The Old Republic and Final Fantasy XIV. The goal of this blog is to give readers detailed reviews and guides on some of the most popular MMO games. The author has immense experience in the games he writes about. It would be a good use of time to lurk around in Land of Odd given you can find the game you’re most interested in.

Land Of Odd Homepage

29. Mana Obscura

Mana Obscure takes a different approach to the MMO blog norm. It focuses more on game design. You know? The game dynamics, look and feel, storylines and characters, the works. Mana Obscure has been standing strong since March 2010 and kept well lubricated by Gazimoff (Gareth Harmer). The blog covers games such as Final Fantasy XIV & World of Warcraft Classic. Gazimoff is a reputable writer and contributor to MMO content as many other bloggers acknowledge the Mana Obscure blog. This blog sets its own rules as it doesn’t follow the path of other MMO blogs. If you are looking for a blog that switches gears, Mana Obscure is a great pick.

Mana Obscura Homepage

30. MMO Gypsy

MMO Gypsy is an awesome MMO blog that is maintained by one of the co-hosts of the battle bards MMO Podcast. MMO Gypsy is a reputable source of MMO reviews as the author spends his time away from the blog discussing game scores on the battle bards podcast. The main focus of the blog is on MMO games, soundtracks, Indie games, and many more. The author is well skilled at detailing his endeavors and his thoughts on the games he shows an interest in. This blog can be considered as a one-stop-shop for geeks.

MMO Gypsy Homepage

31. Orcish Army Knife

Orcish Army Knife is an MMO blog that strictly focuses on World of Warcraft. You get storylines of specific characters in World of Warcraft. This is a great blog for WoW fans who want to expand their knowledge on what’s possible in WoW.

Orcish Army Knife Homepage

32. Inventory Full

Inventory Full is one of the most recognized small blogs in MMO. The writer has found an awesome way to convey his/her message to the audience. The blog covers reviews and thoughts on MMO games. Some of the games covered here are Valheim and Everquest. Visit Inventory Full for more information on their blog.

Inventory Full Homepage

33. A Green Mushroom

A Green Mushroom is a gaming blog that focuses on nothing but gaming. The genre of games covered here is broad. But, MMOs are covered extensively. This blog has reviews and impressions on current games and past games. There are discussions of features, content creation, single-player, multi-player, and competitive gaming. And, many more things related to gaming. The content is world-class and comprehensive. Yet another Awesome MMO blog to add to your list.

A Green Mushroom Homepage

34. MMO Gamer Chick

MMO Gamer Chick is an outstanding MMO blog that has an interesting character as the main writer. She is an artist who enjoys gaming. She plays plenty of MMO games and shares an interest in MMO game soundtracks. A lot of the latest content on the blog is battle bards episodes, which is a podcast that discusses MMO game soundtracks. If you have an interest in MMO game music then this blog is great to add to your list of MMO blogs.

MMO Gamer Chick Homepage

35. MMO Grinder

MMO Grinder is an MMORPG Show that focuses on free-to-play MMO games. This blog is suitable for people who favor videos over reading text as they don’t transcribe their videos. Their video reviews cover gameplay, soundtracks, Graphics and design, and the video game’s community. The awesome thing about the games they cover is that they are completely free (With in-game purchases) meaning you can dive right in. The opinions are valuable as they spend a lot of their time finding and exploring free-to-play MMO games. Give them a visit to see what they are about.

Best MMO Blogs
MMO Grinder Homepage

36. MMORPG News

Steering clear from conventional MMO RPG games. The writers at MMO News have taken a different approach. They focus on Asian F2P MMORPGs and mobile games. They are always on the edge and never sitting on their hands as they post frequently. This blog is not just suitable for MMO lovers but Anime lovers who love gaming. They cover several Anime games such as Grand Fantasia Reborn and Action Taimanin. If you’d like to play some of these games but find it hard to register (Because they are Japanese), the blog has registration guides as well.

MMORPG News Homepage

37. MMOs World

The name of this blog clearly defines what this blog is about. MMOs World is a blog that focuses on aggressively pushing out content on all MMOs. They have a group of dedicated writers that spend a lot of time playing MMOs. They share their opinions on MMOs, write reviews on past, present, and future games. This is one of the blogs I found interesting as they have put an effort into their website. Their Facebook community is also quite massive with just over 40 thousand likes. These guys know what they are talking about.

MMOs World Homepage

38. SandBoxer

The term “Sandbox MMO” is defined as a virtual world or society within a game, that has no direct impact on real life. The rise of sandbox MMOs has made new social opportunities for people online. This is what Sandboxer is all about. It covers sandbox MMO news and guides only. It also has an extensive list of Sandbox MMO games for those who are interested in getting started with Sandbox MMOs.

SandBoxer Homepage

39. Shadow MMORPG

Shadowz abstract gaming blog is an MMO blog that is recognized by several MMO bloggers on the internet. This gives the blog a bit of authority in the MMO space. It is maintained by a lady named Shadow who is the main writer of the blog. She discusses her gaming adventures and gives guides to the games she plays. Visit her blog to learn more.

Shadow MMORPG Homepage

40. Kamalia Et Alia

Kamalia Et Alia is a World of Warcraft blog run by an awesome lady named Kamalia. In her blog, she focuses on her main character (Kamalia) and several alternative characters. She covers her adventures with her main and alt characters through kickass storytelling. Her writing is fun and attention-grabbing so don’t be surprised to find yourself spending hours consuming the content. Her blog is frequently updated so you always get her latest findings.

Kamalia Et Alia Homepage

41. Tome Of The Ancient

The advent of the Tome of the ancient is quite interesting. The author’s son-in-law had his wife complaining about how much time he spends playing World of Warcraft in the evenings. Since then, the author decided to witness the hype first hand. She shares her adventures in World of Warcraft and does a great job expressing herself. The website has a “Home for geeks” feel to it. You will find guides to almost every question you have about World of Warcraft. Highly recommended for WoW Fans.

Tome Of The Ancient

42. I Has PC

If you’re looking for a blog that doesn’t just cover MMO gaming but everything nerd-related then I Has PC is one of the top blogs to add to your arsenal. This blog covers movies, games, and stories about influencers in the nerd space. This is a great place to cut back after a long day at work.

I Has PC Homepage

43. Nomadic Gamers

Nomadic gamers is an MMO blog that is pieced together by a collection of passionate MMO gamers. The main purpose of this website is to talk about nothing but MMOs. At times they may steer towards other games but their loyalty lies with MMOs. The website began as a place for the owner (Stargrace) to talk about MMOs as he couldn’t do that with many people in the real world. The Nomadic gamers website was the perfect place for him to express himself. As time went on, he was able to recruit passionate gamers to write about their experiences in gaming.

Nomadic Gamers Homepage

44. Welshtroll

Welshtroll started in the year 2000. The founder (Welshtroll) coded up the first couple of versions of the website before moving it to WordPress a few years later. Welshtroll is a Twitch streamer who plays a lot of MMORPGs such as Valheim and Elder Scrolls Online. He then uses his awesome blog to report his experience with the games. He at times steers away from MMOs to play games such as Diablo III, Euro Truck Simulator 2, and Deep Sky Derelicts. Visit Welshtroll to learn more about his adventures.

Welshtroll Homepage

45. MMO Juggler

MMO Juggler is a simple blog that focuses on writing about MMO games. Keeping things simple helps this blog better focus on conveying MMO news. They write reviews on MMOs and discuss their thoughts and findings. If you want to read about MMOs without the clutter then this blog is for you.

MMO Juggler Homepage

46. My MMO Reviews

The ability to afford games isn’t common to everyone. That’s what makes My MMO reviews special compared to other MMO blogs. The blog is run by a student who shares the pain of people who love gaming but can’t afford to buy games. The blog covers free-to-play MMOs.

My MMO Reviews Homepage

47. Time To Loot

A Time To Loot is a blog run by a seasonal writer named Naithin. He covers a good chunk of games such as Civilization, World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV, and Elder Scrolls Online. He even has a monthly series named Humble Choice where he discusses the games he will be looking at for the given month. As someone who has been writing for more than a decade, his stories and casual rants are funny and keep you interested. His explanations are vivid which makes this one of the best MMO blogs I’ve read.

Time To Loot Homepage

48. The War Chiefs Command Board

The Warchief’s Command Board is a blog about a World of Warcraft Character Named Garosh Hellscream. This is a place for the character to share his daily thoughts with his fans and foes alike. The blog often includes transcripts of what the character says, this gives you a better experience. The reason being, you can imagine the scenes a lot better than when just reading the narration. World of Warcraft fans will love the Warchief’s Command Board.

The War Chiefs Command Board Homepage

49. Spot Of Mummery

Spot of mummery started as a Tumblr Blog and over time it has graduated to a full-on Kickass MMO Blog. The blog focuses on Final Fantasy, specifically on the mid-bosses from the Syrcus Tower raid (Amon and Scylla). The author has a vivid way of conveying the adventures of these two characters. If you’re a final fantasy fan, Spot of mummery is a blog to add to your arsenal.

Spot Of Mummery Homepage

50. MMO Court

MMO Court is an Awesome MMO Game review website that covers Games such as Elder Scrolls Online, Ascent & and Final Fantasy to name a few. Their goal is to provide readers with trustworthy information on MMOs. They have guides and reviews on a fair amount of games so you will probably find information on your favorite MMO Game. They also have a variety of mediums such as screenshots and videos to suit all kinds of readers.

MMO Court Homepage

Congratulations to all our TOP MMO blog winners! Keep the awesome content coming.